Vehicle Servicing


Collection and Delivery Service/Courtesy Car

We can collect your vehicle and delivery it back to you as well - so that you can get on with your day's work.

We also have courtesy cars available if you require them.


How often does my car need servicing?

We recommend a car service every 5000km or every 6 months, whichever comes first.

Neglecting to service your vehicle shortens the life of your engine.


What vehicles do we service?


We service cars, vans and 4x4s.


What does a full service include?


  • Vehicle placed on hoist

  • Visual check of brakes

  • Motor oil and filter change

  • Diff and gear oil checked

  • Underside of vehicle inspected including:

    Exhaust, rubber boots, steering joints,

    Brake lines and hoses, fuel lines, shock absorbers,

    Grease driveshaft and ball joints where required

  • Tyres checked and pressures set

  • Doors lubed

  • Cooling system checked for leaks and condition

  • All fluid levels power steer, brake and clutch checked

    and topped up as required

  • Windscreen washer filled

  • Belts checked

  • Battery tested, topped up and terminals cleaned

  • Air filter checked and blown out

  • Vehicle road tested